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Experience since 1948

On June 9, 1948, Karl Paul Mundinger and his wife Frida founded the electric motor factory KP Mundinger GmbH .

Initially, mainly special electric motors were marketed. Together with Mr. Rudi Farenkopf, a specialist in the field of moisture measurement, measuring devices for wood moisture were also manufactured from 1951. The demand for these devices was quickly so great that the development and production of other moisture measuring devices for consumer goods of all kinds were pushed ahead. These precision special devices have always established the good reputation of the company and are now delivered to over 100 countries around the world.
Since the unexpected death of the company founder, his son, Michael Mundinger, who was appointed managing partner, and  Brigitte Mundinger , who is also in charge of management, together with a team of proven specialists, have ensured the company’s continuous further development. Of course, great importance is still attached to the high quality standards.

Aqua-Boy Moisture Meter


Our production program

We supply, repair, and advise you on the following products firsthand and ship worldwide.

  • Portable moisture meters of the Aqua-Boy and Aqua-Piccolo types for wood, paper, textiles, grain, leather, coffee, cocoa, tobacco, etc.
  • electrodes and accessories

Almost all of our products are manufactured IN-HOUSE with all built-in and add-on parts and have a long service life that hardly any other manufacturer can match today.

We offer comprehensive service on the following topics

  • Calibrating the “Aqua-Boy/Piccolo” devices
  • Creation of test certificates
  • Repair of our devices and electrodes
  • Small batch production
  • Custom-made products in the field of electrodes


Aqua-Boy – Electronic moisture meters from KPM

Our measuring devices can be equipped with a large number of electrodes and can therefore measure the moisture content of a wide variety of materials very precisely.

The moisture content of wood, building material screeds, grain, malt, corn, green coffee, tea, cocoa, all types of paper and cardboard, bitumen cardboard, cello casing, textiles, feathers, cotton, jute sisal, tobacco, leather almond-hazelnut-Brazil nut , figs, hops, etc. can be measured accurately.

Moisture measuring devices with convincing usability

The robust moisture meter is very easy to operate: Connect the electrode to the socket and connect it to the material to be measured. Press the white measuring button and read the value directly from the measuring scale. Release the measurement to end it.

In addition, the level of the battery can be tested directly on the moisture meter (Aqua-Boy). To do this, press the red control button, and the measuring instrument pointer must be within the red sector. If this display is not reached, the battery must be replaced.



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